23 Avr , 2010
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Voici un témoignage très spécial que j’ai reçu de la part d’Alan. Sophie et Alan se sont mariés l’an dernier. Heureux parents d’une petite fille, ce mariage Brasilo-Corse fut un évènement très atypique ou l’émotion a été omniprésente du début à la fin.

« Bruno… I think there is time for everything in life… however I am not always sure what time is for what… but I always have moments in my life when I feel touched by things of life in a different intensity… I said to Sophie that in my case, in my lifetime, I have always loved and felt seduced by the art of photographie but since I have known your work photographie is divided in two periods: before Bruno Mayor and after Bruno Mayor. You are good proof that there are no limits for this art. I trully congratulate you for your work, talent and gift… which in my opinion has to be explored even more far and above all other limits you find in yourself… Thanks always for the pictures of our wedding… memories for all next generations. »

Pour plus d’infos sur nos prestations, suivez ce lien …

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